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This news might also go some way towards finding out what women are willing to settle for. Interestingly, the larger sized dildos had their fans as well with over 15 per cent of consumers opting for more than 10 inches (25.4 centimetres). Previous research has found that 52.3 per cent of women used sex toys in their lifetime. Of those who had ever used a sex toy 24.7% used them once a week, with approximately one quarter of the sample using them once a month or more or less than once per month.

Your Guide to Using Dildos During Sex | Women's Health

Dildos? Not so much. “The average heterosexual woman tends to reserve dildos for masturbation,” says sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First.

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I use one on my wife she does enjoy it once she gets into it ,have been using it on her for over 20 years have a small one that vibrates and one that is about 10 inch long and 3-3.5 inch round I use it on her while she rubs the other on her clit Posted via Mobile Device

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Do you use dildos? Why/why not? Woman A: No, I have male partners and I've never wanted another penetrable in the mix, and I don't use them by myself since I prefer clit simulation for solo ...

All the Things Women Use as a Sex Toy Before They Get a Sex Toy

All the Things Women Use as a Sex Toy Before They Get a Sex Toy And sometimes even after We’ve been using dildos for 3,000 years, made out of everything from stone, leather, ivory and wood to fruits, veggies and other phallic objects.

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Also it would depend on mood, sometimes different things turn me on, same would go for women. My wife now prefers her dildo to me. It’s a rather large dildo, we use it on her several times a week, while I actually penetrate her maybe once every 2–3 months for a few min before she wants her toy.

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A strap on dildo can be used in oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, pegging or masturbation. Contrary to popular opinion, strap on dildos are not only used for sex between lesbians. Women who cannot experience penetrative sexual stimulation when together can only use strap on dildos to have that penetrative experience.

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The dildo is by far the most famous sex toy for women. Even though there are many other styles that often provide stronger orgasms than a simple phallic shaped shaft recreating a man's erect penis, the dildo is still the classic, the traditional and often the first adult toy a woman will purchase.

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The banana I use just as a dildo, except it's easier to keep around without having to explain it. The battery is small and compact, like a mini dildo, so it's good for a quickie.