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Is Bad Dragon even worth it for the ridiculous price? : BadDragon

buying a bad dragon of any kind is not just buying a toy its investing as well they resell later quite well as they are sterilizable as you grow in usage selling toys you outgrow or become less enthused over you can try others if you find one that you just love an the size does great things for you getting a custom at that point is well worth it BD has done a lot of improvements where as EE and TT are getting there in quality an customer service

Bad Dragon Reviews: Are These Sex Toys Worth It? - Stay Sexual

The name Bad Dragon is synonymous with extra large, fantasy dildos. But did you know, dildos aren’t the only thing Bad Dragon has to offer? Currently, they feature 68 different model dildos, 23 masturbators, 6 wearables/sheaths, 5 packers, 5 lil’ vibes, and 4 lil’ squirts. You can even get 5 novelty teenie weenies for $20!

Is Bad Dragon worth the higher price? : SexToys

Bad dragon is definitely worth it. Not only product quality but you can customize color size etc. I own several and they are phenomenal. 1. level 1. Combustibles. · 10m. Yes and no. The toys themselves are a great quality, but the "no" comes from rumours around the staff of BD themselves.

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Top 10 Best Bad Dragon Dildos (And 5 Alternatives) [2021]

Best Bad Dragon Alternatives. Bad Dragon makes some great dildos… but you have to be patient. If you order one custom-made there’s a wait time of several weeks. If you’re not the patient type, fear not! There are alternatives that ship much faster. And they’re every bit as high-quality as BD themselves.

[NSFW] What the hell is up with bad dragon dildos ...

And also some people just aren’t into realistic cocks, me and my girl are both kinda grossed out by them, but bad dragon offers a fun alternative that isn’t weird and smooth and odd looking like all the other unrealistic dildos (Also they’ve got such cute chstomisation options ) 12. level 1. Ackware. 2 years ago.

Cumtube worth it? : BadDragon

It’s worth it if you like to use the feature a lot. I bought my first bad dragon last month, a Bishop s/m with the cumtube and I’ve only used the tube three times. It makes the cleaning process longer, but it is fun to use when you’re in the mood.

Bad Dragon Penetrables, what do they feel like? : BadDragon

I have been using these toys for quite some time and can say that without a doubt, Bad Dragon is the best penetrable toy option you can get. Side note: Only drawback of Bad Dragon is the sound it makes, but you can resolve that by putting a sample disc to cover the end, or just put a towel at the end. It really isn't a big deal.

Bad Dragon

What's your fantasy? Bad Dragon sells a variety of sex toys, dildos, masturbators, and adult accessories based on fantastic creatures!

27 Best Fantasy Dildos & Bad Dragon Alternatives [2021]

My first dragon dildo from Bad Dragon’s not-so-textured Echo just pales in comparison. 🤷‍♀️ Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys are insane size…(just see how big is the guy vs the toy.) Sadly, I didn’t add a Vac-u-Lock hole for my toy that could’ve been great for my fuck machine.